About Chico

Story of Chico Outdoors

In July of 2017, the world lost a son, brother, uncle, father, friend, avid outdoorsman, and an ambassador of all things sporting, Andrew "Chico" Crise. At the very young age of 28 years old, Chico’s sudden and very unexpected death left a void for his family and friends. But also, for the many young children that he loved to guide and encourage a love of the outdoors. Upon his passing family and friends gathered to discuss how to keep his memory alive. We decided we would continue where he left off, encouraging and educating as many youths as possible to take up outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, trapping, and more.

We felt that the best way to do this is to raise funds to be able to support organizations who share the same focus and ideals as Chico Outdoors. With our belief, our annual outdoor expo, in Memory of Andrew "Chico" Crise was born.

Throughout our years we have strived to become a professional, respected, and recognized organization within the outdoor community. In 2019, we embarked on becoming a 501(c)(3) non-profit. This is the next step to be able to continue what we started. With the funds raised we’ve been able to support local sportsmen’s clubs with youth fishing derbies, Military Veterans Outdoors, local youth sports leagues, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, and other veteran hunting opportunities.

Each year as we grow many more local and regional organizations will become part of the Chico Outdoors Inc. family as we will continue to seek out these organizations in which we pledge our support. As we look to the future of this great organization, we’d like to thank all those who have helped get us to where we are. We would also like to thank those who push us to where we want to go.

Matt Crise
Chico Outdoors Inc.